Hi and welcome to my shop!

    I am Andreea, the creator of Bits of Nature in a Jar, by Andreea, a shy, but confident company specialized in Hand Crafted body care products, and I will tell you how and why I have started my journey in creating these products.


    Lately the market of Skin Care products has exploded…more and more people are creating products, some excellent, others not delivering the promised results…

    We all want (or try at least) to get as close to nature as possible, by accessing Nature’s precious gifts, like Fresh Air, Plants, Natural Reserves, and all other things that takes us closer to our inner self and a healthy lifestyle.

    I have started my journey of Healthy Living years back and I have embraced Plant Power in all forms, from turning to a vegan diet, mainly of raw fruit and veggies, using organic and raw, unrefined cosmetics, up to filling (literally full) my house with natural plants... 😊

    During my transformation process, I have been trying to find, and also used a lot of ‘homemade’ cosmetics, to suit my needs and feel they are proper for my skin and I can’t say I have found one…too oily, too fragrant, sometimes rancid or too colourful … just thinking…if is a natural homemade Body Butter made from seed and nut oil, how come is pink, for example.. I have never seen a pink coconut or shea...😊 So I have decided to try to make my own… from a basic few ingredients Body Butter today, a hand Cream tomorrow, Deo next week or waiting for soap to cure, a Hair Oil with Mighty Rosemary Oil… I ve managed to cover all my needs with my own made products… and the results were astonishing!!! Younger looking skin, more soft, more hydrated, U name it!! No wonder Mother Nature is called like this!! Only a mother can offer to her child the best she has!


    So.. the question is, how come I ve decided to start a business from this? From having my friends and colleagues asking me ‘what product do you use for hair?’ or ‘do you know any good hand cream to heal my dry skin?’ or ‘what do you use for your shinny hair?’ etc…all my answers were the same ‘I make my own products!’ Inevitably they will ask me ‘Really?’ can you give me some?  From making a small jar of Body Butter as a birthday gift or a Christmas present, I have turned it into a small business.

    What makes me different!? .... you try and let me know!! 😊

     I have created my own recipes, trying to avoid the disappointments I had when using homemade cosmetics from the market…

    I am using fewer ingredients… too many it doesn’t mean is a good thing... I still have kept the Holly ones, like Coconut, Shea, Almond... and few of their sisters...  My idea?! Go simpler... and you will have better results than adding a lot of ingredients.

    Do you want to know why I call them ‘Holy’?

    Starting with the Coconut Oil which reduces the inflammation, fights with harmful microorganisms, treats the acne, moisturizes the dry skin, even can heal the wounds. Always try to use virgin cold pressed coconut oil which can increase the ability to neutralize disease-causing free radicals and improves antioxidant status.

    Moving to Shea butter, which is safe for all types of skin, this gorgeous butter is extremely moisturising due to its fatty acid content, including linoleic, oleic, stearic and palmitic acids. It will NOT make your skin oily, it is anti-inflammatory, very powerful antioxidant, antibacterial, antifungal and it helps prevent acne.


    Precious Sweet Almond Oil contains many nutrients that are good for skin, including vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and antioxidants. Using almond oil helps soothe and hydrate the skin and hair; Almond oil can be used to reduce the appearance of scars, stretch marks and wrinkles and to treat skin conditions.

    The last on my super-power ingredients list, but not least, Olive Oil helps relieve dry skin and irritation from psoriasis and eczema. It helps the skin to heal, and it moisturizes it and keep it hydrated. This might be helpful, especially in winter months when skin needs extra attention.

    Why I use a bit of starch? By adding few grams of starch, the greasy sensation of the body butter will not be felt; if the butter is used after shower or bath, the formula will sink into the skin without the oily sensation. Also, this ingredient gives the formula a powdery finish that feels very luxurious…

    Let’s don t forget about a bit of Essential Oils; all come with anti-inflammatory properties, can heal damaged skin and provide deep nourishment; they alleviate wrinkles, hence improve skin appearance. They all can do wonders for the skin, while offering an amazing smell.

    Why my butters and balms have no colours, except the natural and original one Mother Nature has given them? Have you ever seen a pink coconut? Or a green shea butter? 😊 I have not seen either… so why use colours or dyes to try to make them look…appealing, if you can count on their magnificent powers, they already are offering…do you purchase a product for its appearance or for its qualities? …just saying…

    What ingredients I use/ don’t use: ingredients are raw, unrefined (hence the pale-yellow colour for Shea Butter), organic and cold pressed; no preservatives (let the Vitamin E and Essential Oils preserve the butters and balms naturally), no Palm Oil, no dyes.

    I invite you to try them, pick your favourite fragrance and let me know what you think! Give Nature a chance to show you what she can do for you, by using a natural made Body Butter or a Hand & Foot balm and… more products are on their way for us all!